March 28, 2023


Cinderella is a book written by Charles Perrault one of the magical stories that I have always loved and reread several times.

The story revolves around Cinderella, whose father died when she was very young and was raised by her wicked stepmother Lady Tremaine. Cinderella had two stepsisters, Anastasia and Drizella who treated her like a slave forcing her to sleep at the artic. Her only friends were the mice, birds and the animals at the farm.

One day the prince sent out a formal invite to all the families to bring their daughters to the ball for a dance. Unfortunately, Cinderella’s stepmother did not allow her to go but her fairy godmother made it happen. During the dance Cinderella loses her glass slipper and this brings out a series of events that lead to the her and the prince getting married.


There are questions that have plagued me about the story, why didn’t the glass slipper disappear at midnight like everything else? How much love the prince really had for Cinderella if he could not remember her the next morning after the ball. And finally, why did Cinderella’s father think it is a good idea to marry Lady Tremaine.

The book has wonderful illustrations and very descriptive that any child would easily understand. The grammar is simple and memorable.  

Thematic connection

You should never stop dreaming and believing that what you really want will one day come true

I would recommend this book for young girls and anyone who wants their spirits lifted and to show that true love does exist.


5/5 cupcakes

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