March 28, 2023
Dos and don'ts of a book club

Dos and Don’ts of a happy book club

All of us bookworms would love to be part of a book club where we feel loved and wanted. It is a place where like-minded people meet and discuss similar ideas and boost your brainpower. Book clubs can also be a total disaster if not done the right way. I have put together after dos and don’ts of a book club.

Do use this time to set the ground rules

This is the perfect time to decide how long you will be meeting up for, how you will be picking the book you will be reading, and your reading expectations. Also, make this a fun moment for everyone in the book club.

Don’t lose momentum

How to grow a book club
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You should not let e long time pass before the next meeting because the members might lose morale and lose track of the reading. Meeting once a month is good enough and doesn’t give the members too much pressure.

Do maintain small numbers in the group

This will give everyone in the group a chance to contribute to the discussion.

Don’t overdo the booze

A bit of wine is good to keep the members active and open up but you also have to be cautious about that. If not carefully monitored, it will turn into a gossip session and probably a hangover session in the middle of the week; and who really wants that?

Do set up a reward system

This is will help motivate everyone to read the pages they are supposed to and on time. You can either give them a bottle of wine, let them choose the next book to read.

Don’t stick to same group members

It keeps the group engaging and brings in different opinions when you let in new people in once in while like your friend can come visiting or your relatives. This is also the chance to make new friends.

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Do change up the location

It can be boring if you are always meeting up in the same location every time. You can choose a new café, a quietist pub or if the weather is great, you can meet outside.

Don’t be too rigid

You don’t always have to stick to the same script of doing things during the meetup. You can have someone new start the meeting every once in a while. You can also let people talk about their personal lives for a few minutes probably after you have finished discussing the book.

Do read outside your comfort zone

This gives everyone a dose of new excitement like poetry, graphic novels, food especially if you have been reading only one genre for a long time.

Don’t be a dictator

If you find yourself being the one picking all the books to read and inviting all the new members into the group, take a step back and reconsider it. You do not want to smother the group with only your opinions. Next time ask the group if there are certain things they want to be done differently and really consider implementing it.

Do be hospitable

People like to nibble on things when reading to keep their mouths open. You can keep it simple by providing snacks like nuts, olives, or crackers.

Make sure to have fun!! There is nothing like enjoying a good book with friends


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