March 28, 2023
Styling a bookshelf

Designer tips to styling a bookshelf

“A home without books is a body without soul” Roman politician Marcus Cicero. A bookcase is often used to complement a room. Of course, you put your books there but also showcase your art and framed photos. Here are simple tips on how to style your bookcase and make it appealing.

Add some life

Greenery on a bookshelf gives it a pop of color and life. Studies have shown indoor plants improve the mood in the room by reducing stress and clean the indoor air by absorbing toxins, increasing humidly, and increasing oxygen. There are several stylish flower pots you can use and an easy way to increase materials and dimensions to your self-styling. You can also use artificial plants for the same visual impact if you do not like live plants.

Start by placing all the large items on the shelves

These are items such as artwork or woven baskets. If you start by using small items such as personalized cups may make all your work come undone. Large items help give your bookshelf structure.

Mix up book placement

Books instantly bring a homely feeling to shelf styling. Stack two to three large books together to create levels and place them between. Mix up the positioning of the books to help balance the weight of your shelf styling.

Add personal photos and art work

Another simple tip to use when styling your bookshelf is placing pictures in frames. Put them at the back of bookshelves and layer things in front of them. This creates the illusion of depth and maintains an interest in the items on the shelf.

Create groupings

Place two to three items together while thinking about heights. Make sure the groupings aren’t exactly the same around the bookshelf.

Find balance

Similar objects with the same color but different sizes should be spread out on the case. Using metals such as gold or silver adds bling and elevates your bookshelf. Always make sure to stick to warm colors.

Arrange books by color

This converts your room from simple storage space to a living room or study hero piece. First, put your books into color piles and you can decide whether you want them to run from light to dark.

Add lights

“Often forgotten about is bookshelf lighting,” adds Ricky. “There are many options such as built-in lights or spotlights fixed to the top shining down onto the shelves. Subtle lights are part of the simple tips to use when styling your bookshelf by adding to your indoor ambiance. Try using LED string lights in a glass vase for something a bit quirky.” Using battery-operated LED lights in the initials of family members adds a personal touch and cuts the cost of installing hidden electrical sources.

Don’t be afraid of leaving a bit of white space

After you have finished stand back and analyze the work you have done. Some times less is more which is why having some white space is what you need. This is to prevent too much clutter on the bookshelf.

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