March 28, 2023

How to keep snails out of your garden

Snails are not always a danger for your garden. Their feces are a source of nitrogen in the soil and they can help tell the weather forecast. When snails climb trees they are a sign of hot weather or when they burrow into the ground is a sign of winter coming soon.

Types of snails that can invade your garden

Brown snails cause the most amount of damage to a garden because they are most active from dusk to dawn. You will wake up in the morning to find holes in your vegetables.

Decoliate snails are easy to differentiate from brown snails because they have conical shells and grow to about 21/2 meters.

Here are some of the ways of removing nails from your garden

Add a layer of gravel or wood chips.

Snails find it harder to move around a garden with a lot of gravel or small pieces of wood bark on the garden floor which will also be a form of mulching your plants. This reduced the chances of you finding your plants having been eaten by them.

Watering your garden in the morning

Watering your plants in the morning makes it harder for the snails to move around a dry garden at night when they are most active.

Introduce predators to your garden

This is one of the most effective organic pest control methods and very effective without introducing pesticides. Decollate snails do not harm your garden but they tend to eat the common garden snails. It is also important to find ways of attracting birds that eat slugs and snails.

Using ground coffee and egg shells to keep out snails

Sprinkling crushed eggshells and ground coffee on your garden makes it uncomfortable for them to move around. Ground coffee also adds nutrients to your plants.

Spraying plants with snail repellent

You can do this by mixing ground coffee with cold water and spaying it directly on plants. Another home remedy is grinding ginger and mixing it water then pouring it around the plant. If you do not want to kill them, do not spray the coffee directly on the snail.

Plant sacrificial plants to attract snails

Plants such as lettuce and cabbages can act as sacrificial plants against slugs. If you are trying to protect your garden bed from them, plant lettuce or two around it and it would protect your precious plants.

Plant herbs around your garden

Herbs such as rosemary, sage, lavender, thyme, parsley, mint are a great addition to your herb garden but also protect your garden from snails and other pests. Plant them around the border of your garden to add beauty and aesthetics to your garden but also value addition by preventing pests that would ravage your plants.

Plant marigold away from your garden

Marigold is mostly used to ward off other pests that attack your garden. Unfortunately, they are attracted to them, so if snails are what you are trying to get rid of it might not be a good idea to plant them near your garden.

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