March 28, 2023
growing mint

The Dos and Don’ts of growing mint

Mint is one of those herbs that have an amazing aroma and put it in sweet-tasting desserts such as ice cream, when it hot we make a smoothie or iced tea. Mint is fairly easy to plant to grow but also if not well-tended will die.

Water mint tea (Photo: Discover Wildlife)

It’s roots tend to easily firm up In the ground so you can decide to either grow it in a pot or in the ground directly.

Mints are runners and will overtake other plants in the garden so if you planting them in the ground you need to closely monitor how far you want them to go.

Dos of planting mint

You can either plant on a patio or a container where the plants are sure to get ample sunlight and the cool afternoon shade.

Use mulch on the mint to control its spreading

Make sure it gets plenty of water to fasten the growth

If you want to extend the harvesting season, pinch off the flower buds as the appear

Plant mint 15 inches apart and make sure to trim them regularly

What to avoid when planting mint

Do not plant the mint in a cracked pot because the runners will find their way out and continue to spread

Do not plant it with other herbs such as lavender, sage, and rosemary because they prefer dry soil, unlike mint.

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