March 28, 2023
Terrible habits to avoid

5 terrible habits that might ruin your life

There are certain bad habits that we cannot seem to break off and may hinder us from reaching our potentials. These habits affect our professionalism, health, and can place conflict in our social circle. They affect everything we are trying to achieve and push us further and further away from our goal.


Procrastinating is putting off doing things you need to do. This leads to anxiety, stress, depression, low self-esteem, damaged careers, and career setbacks.

According to muchelleb  “there is nothing productive about beating yourself up for not being productive” She talks about actually doing something rather than just talking about it.

When you want to actually get something done, you can set a timer 15 minutes before you are actually supposed to do it. You can also use google calendar to remind yourself what you need to do and when you are supposed to.

Doubting yourself

This is one of the heaviest things you can carry with you. Believing that you are not good enough with your work or worthy enough to have certain things holds us back from bringing out the best in us.

When you start having thoughts like ’I am not qualified enough for this job,’ start the habit of having positive thoughts like ’I can learn what I do not know’

Waiting for ‘someday’

It =is easy for us to do say that we will do something one day but we never really get around to doing it. In order to get something done, put in a plan, and decide whether you really want it bad enough to put in all the work needed.

Caring about what other people think

If you have the terrible habit of caring what other people think, I have news for you, they really don’t. We all need to stop living our lives based on other people’s standards and live on our own.

During the coronavirus period, we used to hold our church services online via zoom and everyone had their own day to preach and boy was I scared. I always had a fear of talking in front of other people but after I had done it I wondered by I had made such a big deal out of it.

When you base your actions on what other people think, you give them power over you.

Being perfect

No one is perfect. We cannot stop ourselves from doing things in our lives just because we think we will not do it perfectly. This is us limiting ourselves from achieving so much. We should just focus on doing our best and not feel so defeated when we can’t meet impossible standards.

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