March 28, 2023
how to have a warm home

Simple ways to make your home cozy

Who doesn’t want to live in a warm and cozy home? I have put together simple ways of making your home cozier even if you are a minimalist.

You could be living in a studio apartment or a mansion, the principal is the same. When the weather is hot, you want the house to be cool and breezy, and when it’s cold you want it to have extra layers and feel warm and cozy.

Create warmth through lighting

There is perhaps nothing more important than having good lighting to create a cozy atmosphere. To have a warm glow, you should have lots of separate lights which you can control how dim or bright they should be. When it gets dark, create a cluster of illumination where you want the focus of the conversation to be.

Using string lights add a bohemian vibe to the room and you can pretty much put them anywhere in the house.

Add life to the room with plants and flowers


Plants are naturally cozy because they are living things. You should seriously consider adding some! Plants and flowers can be expensive. Here are some money-saving tips for growing plants in your home.

Get succulents from your friends and family and propagate them

Learn to propagate existing plants

Pick up fallen succulent leaves from the garden and propagate them.


Pots for planting the plants also act as accessories to the house adding warmth and makes the room cosier. Let’s not forget flowers. They are a great addition to your living and dining room. They can last a really long time only if we consistently water them and trim off the stems. If you have a big bouquet, you can divide it and put it in different parts of the house. You can also use faux greenery; but you need to be careful not to get the ones that are obviously fake.

Add warm metals to your room


The common metals that will instantly transform your cold room are copper, bronze, brass, or rose gold. You can easily get them from flea markets or flee sales but you might have to make them shinier. To shine these metals, you just sprinkle some salt and rub a piece of lemon over it; you will not believe the transformation.  You can hang the pots and pans on the wall to create a warm feeling.

The Smart Tiles

Use rich textures and rugs to make your house cozy

Textures and rugs give your room depth and dimension while wallpapers make the room rich and sophisticated. “They can be an expensive investment, however, they truly do create a warm — and homely — feeling, and also help with acoustics in homes with a lot of hard surfaces,” says Hamilton.

Hardwood and tile can be cold to the feet; so why not try adding some beautiful rug here and there. The bathroom, toilet, and kitchen could really do with a Persian rug.


When it gets warm you could always store the rugs away until fall or winter and also a great way to switch up the décor in your house. Always make sure the décor color kind of relate to the furniture already in the house.

Using the right curtains


Curtains also serve to add warmth to the house and also make the house look inviting. During winter, you can swap out light drapes and curtains for heavier ones that will keep out the cold and as I said before, change up the look and feel of the house.

Add some wall paintings and mirrors


It would be ideal to use original paintings for your house but if you can’t get some, you can use some printable from Etsy You can also hang up your children’s artwork, beautiful quilts, mirrors, personal photos, and even fiber art.

Also have a bookshelf and here are tips on how to style a bookshelf. Group your books according to colour to create a cohesive look.

Play some music

Once you have done all the above and still feel like something is missing, try playing some music. Invest in a good sound system that will bring out the kind of sound you want and then put together your favorite playlist.

“Music has the power to completely transform people,” says Hamilton. “With music alone, you can control and alter the mood of the space to help you feel cheerier or relaxed. It’s particularly helpful when you’re entertaining.”

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