March 28, 2023
Starting a zoom book club

How to start a zoom book club your friends will love

With the Covid pandemic having taken over the world, we need fun activities to keep us in touch with our friends and family. Why not start a zoom book club with your adult friends and enjoy yourselves in the process?

Here are some simple tips on how to start a book club your friends will love

How to start a zoom book club you friends will love
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Invite friends

Start by making a list of the friends you would like to invite to your book club. You can either send them a message but you could also use this as an opportunity to catch up with them.

You can then tell them to invite other friends if you have not reached the target number of people you were hoping for.

Decide on the frequency of your zoom meeting

You can decide to either meet twice a week or monthly depending on how convenient it is for your friends.

You can also decide whether you want to meet after you have finished reading the whole book or after reading a certain number of chapters.

Selecting how to communicate and meet

There are several platforms you can use for your online communication such as Facebook. You can create a private Facebook page that you can use for chats and polls. You can put polls there to select which book you want to read next. You can also have video chats with up to 8 people.

Goodreads also has something similar for creating polls and creating your own group.

Emails are also really good for reminders on which book to read next and communication you previously have during the zoom session.

I generally find zoom book clubs more convenient because you have the time and title of discussion on the link you send to your group members.

How to start a zoom book club your friends will love
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How to choose the next book to read

Everyone in the group will need to give input on how to choose the next book to read for the club. Facebook and Goodreads give members the opportunity to vote.

The next book to read should be communicated to the members early enough. This gives them the opportunity to purchase or borrow it. You can also give references as to where they can get them from.

Reminding the members of the meet-up

Send frequent reminders and preferably two days before and the day before the actual meeting. The most important details to add to the reminder are; Date and time of the meeting, name of the book, how far to read, what they might need to sign up for, snacks to bring with them, and reduce interferences during the meeting.

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Finalizing on the remaining details

Find out if anyone would like to lead the book club and probably have it on a rotational basis.

Research on book club details online to guide the discussion and make it interesting. You can also research ‘your book title discussion guide’ online.

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