March 28, 2023
Night time routines to lose weight

Nighttime routines to help you lose weight

“If you’re hoping to lose weight, preparation is absolutely crucial,” says Gabrielle Desmarais.

In order to lose weight, it is imperative that you do proper preparation and have a good 0pla on how to execute it. Having a balanced night time route for weight loss is vital in having the proper mindset to start the next day. You will feel more restful and have the proper mind-set. It has been discovered that when you feel stressed some people tend to lean towards food for comfort.

Here are simple hacks for weight loss that would take you less than 10 minutes.

Start keeping a food journal

“This can be extremely helpful for those living with a constant on-the-go lifestyle or for individuals who simply love being able to have a macrobiotic view of their schedule and hectic day,” says Brianna Diorio, RD. It is crucial to log in what you plan to eat the next day and what you ate that day; this is a start to the journey of losing weight.

Keep a food journal

Prepare a quick and simple breakfast.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it would not be a good idea to skip it. With our busy lifestyles, it is at times hard to get time to prepare the heavy breakfast that would take you through the day. However, overnight oats can be a good idea to keep you going for a while. They are simple to prepare and are quite filling because they are a good source of soluble fibre.

Overnight oats

Plan your lunch and snacks for the day

In order to lose weight, it is important to plan your meals for the day to avoid eating junk because you are really hungry and do not have anything healthy close to you. It is advisable to have a meal plan or you can decide to pack the food you will eat the next day at night.

Set your calendar for workouts

Your workout time is your most important time of the day. Plan your calendar and slot it when you know you will not have to rush through the workout and your body will feel good.

Start having a hydration plan

Hydration is important to keep your body fit and helps you lose weight. You should have the water you will need the next day filled up and is in the fridge ready for you to pick up and leave. Make sure your coffee make has the coffee inside so all you will have to do in the morning is add water and drink as you leave the house.


Meditation helps you relax after a long day’s work. It doesn’t have to take very long, even 5-15 minutes’ mediation helps relax the mind and makes you wake up fresh in the morning.


Sufficient sleep and weight loss

Eating the right amount of food impacts the kind of sleep you will get. Ghrelin, the hormone that stimulates appetite, increases when we are sleep deprived, says Ilana Buchbinder, RDN. Also avoid screen time just before you sleep because you will feel like you just had a nap instead of a deep sleep

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